Kevin De Bruyne is Manchester City's star
Kevin De Bruyne is Manchester City's star

In light of the tense relations between the two clubs Manchester, between both Manchester United and Manchester City, City star Kevin De Bruyne made statements to the fans of the United United after their meeting in the English League Cup raised the anger of the fans.

Manchester City midfielder Dean Bruin, 28, currently offers a great performance with a team, and was able to lead a team to the English League Cup final.

De Bruyne managed to lead Manchester City to victory over Manchester United during the meeting that brought them three goals to one yesterday.

The meeting between Manchester United and Manchester City was held on Tuesday at Old Trafford, Manchester United Club.

De Bruyne's sarcastic statements against the Manchester United fans

De Bruyne's comments came before the start of the match, as a team that only managed 15 minutes before the match.

This statement comes in the context of provocation by the player to the fans, on the weakness of the Manchester United team.