The events of the second half of the Atletico Madrid match against Liverpool
The events of the second half of the Atletico Madrid match against Liverpool

The first half of the Atletico Madrid-Liverpool match was whistled, after the first half result ended with Atletico Madrid advancing with a clean goal, Saul Negues scored in the fourth minute of the first half of the game.

Now we will follow with you the optimism and events of the second game of the Atletico Madrid match against Liverpool.

You can follow the events of the first half of the match, "the first half events of the Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool match" in the framework of the Champions League 2020 matches.

The events of the second half of Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool:

  • Liverpool is making a change at the start of the second half, with Sadio Mane leaving and Divock Origi entering.
  • Atletico Madrid are changing with the exit of Thomas Lemar and the entry of Marcos Llorente.
  • The referee blows the whistle at the beginning of the second half of the game.
  • The 45th minute Liverpool defense saves a dangerous cross by Atletico.
  • The 46th minute of the Atletico defense saves a cross from the Liverpool players.
  • 47th minute, Salah's attempt to pass from the left side of Atletico's defense, and the ball will not go out into a goal kick.
  • 48 minutes, the referee is awarded a handball against Liverpool Arlund.
  • Minute 50 Atletico coach calls on fans to encourage the players of the team and the enthusiasm of the players.
  • The 52nd minute goal was lost in favor of Al-Lever through Saleh, after a cross from the right side of Al-Lever was matched by Salah with a head, but it went outside next to the goal.
  • The 54th minute passed from Salah to Firmino inside the penalty area, but Firmino failed to receive the ball.
  • The 56th minute attempts and pressure from Liverpool players outside the penalty area and Atletico defending the ball.
  • 59th minute Liverpool's attempts to break the Atletico ticker are still futile.
  • The 59th minute referee match gives Gomez a yellow card after interfering with Murata.
  • 60 minutes, Atletico are still ahead of Liverpool after an hour has passed.
  • Minute 62 passes by Liverpool players to try to find a gap in the defenses of Atletico.
  • The 64th minute Atlético defense is a very good defense for preventing the Liverpool players from passing the ball properly.
  • The 65th minute, the referee, stops the match because a player from Atletico Madrid fell after a joint intervention on the ball.
  • The 66th minute is still on hold for the Atletico player who fell on the pitch.
  • The 66th minute is still control by Liverpool players on the middle of the field.
  • The 67th minute, a dangerous attack by Atletico Madrid, almost went into the goal and collided with the defense of the Lever and distracted the ball.
  • 69th minute, Atletico's second change, with Alvaro Morata exiting and Vettolo entering.
  • The 70th minute hit a late shot by Atletico, but passes outside the goal, with a goal.
  • The 71st minute, a second change for Liverpool FC, with Mohamed Salah coming out and entering Chamberlain.
  • The 72nd minute, a dangerous attack by Liverpool inside the penalty area after a distinct cross from the left side, but the player turns it outside the goal.
  • The 74th minute was a powerful kick from Robson but collided with Atletico's defenses.
  • The 75th minute is the remaining quarter of an hour at the end of the game, and Atletico are still ahead with a goal without a response.
  • 76th minute Liverpool players claim a penalty kick after the ball collided with an Atletico defender.
  • Minute 77 changed the third and last in favor of Atletico, with the exit of Angel and entering Costa.
  • Minute 78 Henderson falls on the field and get off the medical device.
  • The 80th minute is 10 minutes remaining, and the progress by Atletico 1-0.
  • The 82nd minute pass is a dangerous pass by Atletico players, but the Liverpool defense succeeds in tackling the ball.
  • 83 minutes still pressure from Liverpool players and possession of the ball.
  • Minute 84 Atlético is trying to rely on bounces now to stop the pressure from the players players.
  • Minute 85, Liverpool's third change, with Henderson pulling in and James Milner entering.
  • The 87th minute is a strong defense by Atletico players against all attempts by Liverpool players.
  • The 88th minute, a yellow card against Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp because of the challenge of the referee's decisions.
  • The 89th minute is a dangerous attack on Liverpool's defenses via Costa, but the referee saves them with a foul.
  • The 90th minute was a mistake for Atletico players after a foul against Arlund was calculated.
  • The 90th minute The referee counts 4 minutes as a stoppage time.
  • The 91st minute shot from Costa was too far from the goal.
  • The 91st minute was intercepted by Champerin after a foul by the referee.
  • The 92nd minute mistake for Fabinho after a foul against Atletico players.
  • 93 minutes cross is dangerous from Arlundo but saved by Atletico defense.
  • The 93rd minute is a minute remaining at the end of the match and Atletico is still in progress.
  • The 93rd minute went wrong for the Atletico goalkeeper after a corner kick.
  • 94th minute, a dangerous attack by Atlético and a shot just outside the goal.
  • 94th minute, the referee blows the whistle at the end of the second half, and the match with Atletico Madrid defeating Liverpool 1-0. He scored the only goal of the match in the fourth minute of the first half of Atletico Madrid player Saul Niguez.