The events of the Atletico Madrid match against Liverpool
The events of the Atletico Madrid match against Liverpool

Minute by minute, the events and outcome of the game Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, where a quick start came from players from Atletico Madrid players who scored an early goal in the match by Saul Negues in the 4 minute, recording the first goal.

Atletico Madrid and Liverpool match will be broadcast on BN Sport HD2, as part of the 2020 European Champions League.

The events of the Atletico Madrid match against Liverpool

  • Beginning of the game - Details of Atletico Madrid's match against Liverpool
  • Minute 1, the referee of the match whistled the beginning of the match.
  • Minute 4, the first goal for Atletico, through Saul, recording the first goal.
  • Minute 4 is a major attack by Atletico players, sending dangerous crosses outside the penalty area.
  • Minute 5 details the first goal of Atletico after a special corner Saoul shot in the net by Alison Baker, Liverpool goalkeeper.
  • The 8th minute, an attempt by Liverpool players to prepare for their attack, with passes between Salah and Mani in the center of the Atletico stadium.
  • 10 min. Atletico progressed with a clean goal after 10 minutes of the first half.
  • The 11th minute is a very strong shot from Liverpool's Arnaudel in the hands of Atletico goalkeeper Oblak.
  • The 13th minute cross from Arnold after several passes between the Lafer players, but passes over the Atletico goal.
  • 18 minutes, a full possession of the Liverpool players to try to tie.
  • The 19th minute was a very special cross by Liverpool Robertson and the ball was removed from Atletico's defense.
  • The 20th minute saved from Liverpool Robertson after a good cross from Athletic Cookie inside the penalty area and Robertson pulled it into a corner.
  • 22 minutes to Liverpool defense away the ball after a free kick by Atletico outside the penalty area.
  • The 23rd minute, Salah starts surprising him with the referee’s decision after calculating a mistake on him.
  • The 25th minute superb save from goalkeeper Alison saves a dangerous shot from Murata.
  • The 26th minute Liverpool goal was canceled due to offside after a superb pass from Salah to Firmino, which he sent back to Salah, who lives in the net, but the referee counts a mistake and cancels the goal.
  • The 27th minute strong defense of Atletico Madrid against Liverpool players' attacks to try to score the equalizer before the break.
  • 30 minutes Atletico progress 1-0 15 minutes before the end of the match.
  • Minute 31 Salah is trying to enter the ball into the penalty area, but Atletico Madrid's lookout.
  • The 32nd minute Liverpool players try to penetrate Atletico's defenses, but to no avail.
  • 33 minutes, the Atletico players are trapped and retreated to the defensive lines to try to tackle the attacks and shots of the players.
  • 36th minute, a powerful shot from Mohammed Salah, but was finally shocked by the feet of Atletico's defense.
  • Minute 37, many attempts by Liverpool players to try to enter the Atletico penalty area.
  • 39 minutes after a mistake against Sadbo Mane after hitting the Atletico player without a ball and the referee gives a yellow card.
  • The 40th minute Atlético Defense takes the lead in all attempts by Liverpool players.
  • The 44th minute goes wrong against the player Angel and the referee is declared yellow card.
  • 45th minute Sadio Mane tries to get a penalty, but the referee refuses and decides to continue playing.
  • The 45th minute gives the referee one minute of stoppage time.
  • The 45th minute mistake against Mane and Atletico players demanding the referee be given the second yellow card.
  • 46th minute, the referee blows the first-half whistle, with Atletico advancing 1-0.

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