The launcher of Najran girls
The launcher of Najran girls

A video clip posted on the social media platform, "Twitter", has sparked many reactions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for an unidentified person attacking university students in the Najran region.

In a related context, the video clip shows a number of students stopping at one of the stations to buy coffee, for an unidentified person to sneakily photograph them on his mobile, and then insult them.

In that regard, the video shows the dissatisfaction of the person who filmed the students with what the girls did, calling on their parents to burn them.

This matter sparked a wave of reactions on "Twitter" to spread a hashtag titled # launcher_girls-Najran, at a time when many called for the pursuit of the photographer and arrested and held accountable.

A video circulating a clip of a person who ejaculates veiled women with # Najran when they stop at a "coffee shop" on the road, and tweets demanding the arrest and accountability of the # Najjar girl.