Weather forecast tomorrow
Weather forecast tomorrow

Weather forecasts tomorrow in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE amid forecasts of rain and snow, with temperatures below zero in many Arab cities, where the meteorological authority revealed that tomorrow's weather will witness the highest rate for rainfall since the past three years, with expectations of falling Tuesday rain, follow us for more details.

Weather forecast tomorrow in the Emirates
On the expectations of the weather tomorrow and according to the data released today by the meteorology in the Emirates, it is expected that the weather tomorrow will be clear to partly cloudy in general and some rain may occur in the evening, and humidity will increase in the evening and in the hours of Tuesday morning, according to what was published by the Emirates News Agency WAM.

According to expectations, it is expected that tomorrow's weather will be partly cloudy to sometimes cloudy, with the possibility of renewed light rain, indicating that the western irrigation will be southwest to southwest, moderate to noticeably active.

According to the statement issued today, about the weather forecast tomorrow, Wednesday, it is waking up to a general partial cloudy, and sometimes cloudy in some areas, according to what was published in the Emirates newspaper today.

Weather forecast tomorrow in Saudi Arabia
The Astronomy and Meteorology Institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicated that the weather is expected to be very low and cold tomorrow, as Saudi Arabia will witness a decrease in temperatures in most areas of Saudi Arabia during the days from Tuesday to next Thursday, and the return of the cold mass again at the beginning of the following week.

With reports indicating that the weather tomorrow in Saudi Arabia, the minimum temperatures will be below zero degrees Celsius in the northern region and some areas starting from Tuesday, and parts of Qassim and the northern parts of the Riyadh and Madinah regions, starting from Thursday and light rain to medium Tuesday and Wednesday on Some areas.

According to the statement, the weather was issued by the Meteorological Authority in Saudi Arabia about the possibility of snowfall. Meteorology excluded snowfall on the highlands of Tabuk region and parts of Al-Jouf and Northern Borders regions within two days.

Weather forecast tomorrow in Kuwait
In the State of Kuwait, tomorrow's weather in the State of Kuwait will be moderate, accompanied by separate clouds during the day, and the weather will get cold at night and a decrease in temperature.

As for the reports received from the meteorology in the State of Kuwait, tomorrow's weather relative to the presence of winds, the winds will be northwesterly, fluctuating, light to moderate.

The weather tomorrow, Wednesday in Kuwait, according to the indications of the presence of heavy clouds in the sky with the possibility of rain where some sporadic clouds appear. During the daylight hours, and at night hours a cold weather will prevail.