Expatriates in Saudi Arabia - Muhammad bin Salman
Expatriates in Saudi Arabia - Muhammad bin Salman

In the context of economic progress and investment support in Saudi Arabia within the Kingdom of Rio for the year 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced today the new conditions for obtaining a new residence permit for expatriates without taking care of these new conditions.

For its part, the Passports Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicated that the decision issued by the Saudi Council of Ministers under the name of new and distinctive residence has begun, and the Saudi passports have confirmed that residency is granted to all expatriates according to a number of simple conditions in order to facilitate those who wish to obtain it.

The Saudi Passports have declared that any of the expatriates has the right to obtain the new residence, but only on the condition that the special residence conditions are met, the most important of which is the age of expatriates and expatriates, in addition to the necessity that the residence ID for expatriates and expatriates is valid, and also must be free from any diseases or problems related to security.
Now we will display the conditions for a distinctive residence and the conditions that must be met in order to obtain and own that residence, and we will also show the benefits of that residence.

Conditions of new residence in Saudi Arabia

  • Expatriate or expatriate passport valid.
  • The applicant's age of residency must not be less than 21 years.
  • Provide the expatriate or expatriate with proof of financial solvency to obtain the distinguished residence.
  • The applicant must provide a criminal record proving that the applicant for residency has no precedent.
  • A health report proves that it is free from any infectious disease with a new date, not an old one.
  • The residence of the applicant must be legal in the event of quality within Saudi lands.

New residence benefits for expats

  • The holder of a privileged residence can live with his family in Saudi Arabia.
  • He can obtain visitor visas for relatives, as determined by the regulations.
  • He can bring domestic workers according to his needs.
  • Freedom to leave and return to the Kingdom without a sponsor.
  • He can use the corridors designated for Saudi citizens when entering the kingdom through its ports and exit.
  • He can work in business, according to the foreign investment system.

Residence fees 2019 - 2020

The value of the distinguished residence fee is scheduled to reach about 100 thousand riyals annually, and a new service will also be launched in order to obtain the distinguished residence permanently with fees amounting to about 800 thousand Saudi riyals.