Driving a car in Bahrain
Driving a car in Bahrain

The General Traffic Department in the Kingdom of Bahrain implemented a new traffic system, through an initiative launched under the title "Thank you" for committed drivers and with the support of the Bahrain Petroleum Company "Bapco", by providing a free card for refueling, and each card contains an amount of 20 dinars or the equivalent of " 200 "riyals, and 500 cards with a total value of 10,000 dinars.

Brigadier Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Wahhab Al Khalifa, Director General of the General Traffic Department honored a number of drivers, after monitoring their commitment through smart camera systems through the traffic control room, stressing that the "Thank You" initiative reflected a major concept of society that the largest segment of the market Committed to traffic regulations and rules, and to those who bear the consequences of legal violations.

He stressed that smart systems were found to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, and to reduce accidents through a deterrent system for violators, and in return they were used to observe the drivers who are keen to adhere to the legal speed limit for each street, and not to exceed the traffic light, and their respect for the yellow square and the emergency line and other Positive behaviors, and as a result of that, a number of drivers were randomly selected and invited to the General Administration of Traffic building and honored them for being positive, participating in the security and safety of society from traffic accidents.

The Director General of the General Administration of Traffic indicated that the initiative to honor the market will continue and work will be done to develop the awareness system continuously to keep pace with everything new to reach people directly and influentially with the importance of society contributing to instilling a culture of adherence to the law among children through their commitment or advice and guidance To complement the efforts of the General Traffic Department with a “thank you” to committed drivers.

Women also formed a large part of the honorees, which confirms the commitment of the Bahraini driver to traffic rules and regulations.

In turn, Director of Traffic Culture, Salah Shehab, stressed that spreading the culture of adherence to laws comes within the strategy of the General Traffic Department, to reduce the rate of traffic accidents by avoiding violations that affect safety rates, to integrate with the traffic system that is based on modern systems and the Traffic and Electronic Services Law, by adhering to laws Pursuing a positive stimulus policy to implement traffic laws in advance thanked him for the Bahrain Petroleum Company "Bapco" for providing support and participation in the initiative.

74 thousand licenses annually in Bahrain

 The latest statistics indicate that the number of people who obtained a driver’s license in the year 2017 reached 74,000 and 53,000 on a driver’s education license, and statistics predicted that this number may increase during the next few years annually, and it may reach 100 thousand driver’s licenses in 2020 Next.