Urgent statement from the Sultanate of Oman regarding Sultan Qaboos
Urgent statement from the Sultanate of Oman regarding Sultan Qaboos

Today, Tuesday, the Royal Court of Oman issued an urgent statement confirming that Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed, the Sultan of the country, is in a stable condition and that he is following the scheduled treatment program.

According to Omani TV, the Royal Court said in its statement: “Mawlana His Majesty the Sultan is in a stable condition. Thank God and thanks and follow the scheduled treatment program.”

He continued: "Sultan Qaboos extends his thanks and appreciation to the esteemed people of his people throughout the dear nation for the nobility they show in their feelings, and the sincerity of their prayers and the circumvention of their leadership."

He added: "May God bless his ability to preserve Oman and its loyal children and to guide them towards further progress and development so that the victorious development process continues to the goals set for it, God willing."

The death of Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the date of announcing the news of the death

In turn, the Omani News Agency reported that Sultan Qaboos sent a congratulatory telegram to Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan Abdul Rahman, President of the Transitional Sovereign Council of the Republic of Sudan on the occasion of his country's independence day.

The past few days have seen a wave of rumors on social media on the health of Sultan Qaboos.