Archive photo - woman driven car in south africa
Archive photo - woman driven car in south africa

Have you ever wondered which cars most women want to drive? The answer is perhaps the small sedan or hatchback because it is stylish and commensurate with their ability to withstand road troubles. .

According to George Mini, CEO of AutoTrader SA, South Africa's most sought-after cars are just Toyota Hilux! The report published by the South African website was based on an analysis of the research data in AutoTrader.

"This is likely to be a big surprise to most people," Minnie said. "We tend to associate women with SUVs and smaller cars, while the Toyota Hilux - a vehicle usually associated with men driving - is characterized by a female South." I chose that car and it's the most searched on the AutoTrader data engine. "

The South African website said that the search result was not a surprise. Janine van der Post, a journalist at the site: To see the Ford Ranger in third place. "

"However, it makes sense when you move from your home or on your way to work, take a look from your window and pay attention to who is behind the trains in traffic. Many women take big SUVs to go," the website said in its Thursday edition. To the bakery. "

Bakkies have a higher seating position, and you certainly feel more confident behind the wheel when you have to avoid the threat of road behavior from drivers.Hilux is a South African brand name, and since it was a tough example, it's no wonder women want to have Reliable car.

"These vehicles are more suitable than anything else," the South African website said in its report. "It is great to see that women get out of the city's smaller cars and choose this popular category in Africa."

The ranking of the most searched cars by women was as follows:

  • Toyota hilux
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Ford Ranger
  • BMW 3 Series
  • Mercedes Benz C Class