Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Many Omani citizens travel outside the Sultanate with the intention of tourism, seeking knowledge, treatment, trade, Hajj or Umrah, residency, work, or the like.

The Sultanate’s missions abroad are keen to provide services and help citizens in the following cases:

  • In the event that the citizen loses his official documents as a passport or a personal card, the Sultanate’s mission informs the ministry and then issues a traffic passport to him within 48 hours, after submitting a report on the loss of the passport.
  • The mission registers the newborn children of the citizens of an Omani couple and issue them with passports for them after fulfilling all the requirements. If the wife is a foreigner, then the mission coordinates with the Ministry and the Royal Oman Police and then a passport is issued.
  • In the event that a citizen is robbed or assaulted, the Sultanate’s mission assists him in following up his cases in terms of contacting the competent authorities in that country.
  • In the event that the citizen wishes to marry from abroad and has a marriage permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior, the Sultanate’s missions inform the citizen of the procedures and guidelines that he must follow, including the registration of the marriage contract with the official authorities in the state, introduce him to the laws on marriage to foreigners and give his wife the necessary visa to enter the Sultanate .
  • In the case of a citizen traveling for treatment, the Sultanate’s missions provide advice and guidance to him, provide him with the names of good hospitals and medical centers, and clarify some caveats to be followed during treatment, and in some cases they coordinate with the hospitals and medical centers concerned to provide a translator for him, and they also make the necessary arrangements related to the incoming patients To receive treatment at government expense.
  • In the event of an Omani citizen experiencing an accident, the Mission will facilitate the procedures for transferring the injured and following up his condition, and he can also be transferred to the Sultanate for treatment if his condition requires that in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • In the event of the death of the citizen abroad, the Sultanate’s missions in coordination with the competent authorities in the countries to determine the causes of death and contact the relatives of the deceased and to ensure the preservation of the body and facilitate the procedures for transporting it to the Sultanate. As for the death in which the cause is criminal, the mission will contact the relevant authorities in that country and obtain reports Medical and criminal (after autopsy) and refer it to the competent authorities in the Sultanate.
  • In the event that the Omani citizen is subject to arrest, detention, or imprisonment, he must contact the Sultanate’s mission, where the mission addresses the competent authorities in the country to verify this, and if necessary, it sends a delegate from them to find out the situation and learn about all backgrounds, including meeting the citizen and knowing his condition and his status and who Then inform the competent authorities in the Sultanate of this, and coordinate with his family and assist them to consider the possibility of appointing a lawyer for him, and a delegate from the mission will attend to follow up the court sessions if it is so decided and report to the competent authorities.
  • The mission provides services to Omani students throughout their stay abroad with the intention of seeking knowledge in terms of introducing them to housing and residence procedures, helping them to overcome any difficulties they may encounter and clarifying laws in that country in coordination with the competent authorities in the Sultanate.
  • The Sultanate’s missions abroad monitor the status of social security families located abroad in coordination with the Ministry of Social Development, and transfer social security benefits to them.
  • The Sultanate’s mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is coordinating with the concerned authorities to facilitate the arrival of the Omani Hajj Mission and assisting it in carrying out its work as required.