Photo from the archive of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior building
Photo from the archive of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior building

The Ministry of Interior in the State of Kuwait is developing many facilities and exchanging transactions with paper documents on the government's electronic sites, in order to facilitate the citizens and expatriates in it. Today, the Kuwaiti government announced a new service that helps expatriates to complete all procedures for their residence through its website.

Through this new service, expatriates can fill out the forms for renewing the residence and permission to visit, without the need for paper documents. These procedures are done through the website and renew the residence online.

The expatriate can fill in all his data, and hand it over to the competent authorities, after which he receives a receipt to be able to review and complete the procedures related to the renewal of residency or obtain permission to visit.

This very good project comes from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, within the framework of the policy currently being implemented to automate all procedures for residency in Kuwait.

This new decision comes especially after the success of the recently implemented decision regarding renewing the residency of domestic workers through the website as well.

According to the statements of Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior officials, starting from the coming new year, the automated system will be finalized, as expatriates can work visit permits for relatives, and are able to reside and other other measures to facilitate them.