UAE issues an urgent statement on visas for the year 2020
UAE issues an urgent statement on visas for the year 2020

Concerned sources at the Ministry of Tourism in the Emirates revealed that the Kingdom has launched a new system of visas on its lands and new facilities for all citizens and expatriates in the UAE and expatriates on its lands.

In a related context, it has shown and the sources showed that the basic system for "tourist visas" to enter the territory of the UAE includes a clause activated in order to facilitate entry of holders of "Schengen, UK and America" visas without regard to the visitor's nationality, in coordination with international and domestic air carriers.

The Emirates offers new facilities to all UAE nationals and expatriates and holders of Schengen visas, England and America

The "Al-Mukhtasar newspaper" reported that the sources indicated that the holders of commercial and tourist visas are allowed to obtain a visa to enter the UAE upon its arrival, provided that the visitor entered the country that granted the visa before arriving in the Emirates, and that the visa is valid until he leaves the Emirates .

It should be noted that on September 27, 2019, the UAE announced the start of receiving all tourists from all over the world through the new entry visa system, which enables tourists to obtain a tourist visa valid for a year that allows them to reside in the Emirates until ninety days per visit.