Education in the UAE
Education in the UAE

Today, the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates published a number of controls and mechanisms for expatriates and residents regarding tuition fees for their children, by exempting these categories from tuition fees.

In a circular issued by the ministry, it admitted that they were entitled to education fees for two children, "education allowance" according to two tracks.

The first track is exemption in the case of studying in a public school, or paying a "cash" allowance, in the case of studying in private schools;

The Ministry confirmed the exemption of two children studying in public schools from tuition fees, provided that there are no children in private schools paid by the Ministry, provided that the guardian pays ten thousand dirhams a maximum for each of his children. (2) Studying in private schools if two of his children are not excused in public schools.

The Ministry affirmed the importance of preventing double exchanges between spouses, meaning that if they are holders of contracts (A), tuition fees are paid to one of them, and if one of them is the owner of contract A and the other is the owner of contract B, payment is made to contract holder A .

According to the Ministry, if the teacher has more than two children in public schools, two of them are exempt from paying fees, and he must pay the prescribed fee of 6000 dirhams per son, provided that the payment receipt is attached to it. With advertising.

If one of his exempt children leaves school or completes his secondary education, he must be replaced by one of the other children on exemption. In all cases, the teacher is entitled to exempt only two of his children from public schools.

The Ministry confirmed that the guardian must register the announcement attached to the prospectus, the names of all his children who study in public or private schools, and specify the names of his children to whom the Ministry pays tuition fees, whether in private schools, or both are exempt from payment. If they study in public schools.

A copy of the advertisement must be kept in the school's teacher file and the files of his children in all relevant public schools. The original permit and attachments must be submitted to the Student Affairs Department of the Education Council in the School Operations Sector.

The employee is entitled to an exemption for two of his children who are studying in public schools. Moreover, the guardian pays the fees for each additional son. The receipt must be attached to the advertisement.

The Ministry indicated that holders of contracts (B) receive an education fee, which amounts to 6000 dirhams per son, with a maximum of two children, who study in private schools, in the event that two of his children are not exempt from public schools.

The Ministry has identified two cases in which the teacher deserves exemption from tuition fees for two of her children who are studying in public schools, the first if she is a widow and supports these children under a maintenance certificate issued by a Sharia court in the state, in addition to a copy of the death certificate.

The second case, if the husband is unable to work and gains, according to a medical report approved by the relevant medical committee, in addition to a maintenance certificate, and an alternative is also deserving of public schools, tuition fees pay 6000 dirhams per son, and a maximum of two, if they study private schools, Whenever one of the previous two cases.

The Ministry stressed the importance of sending the original announcement to the teacher with the required attachments, the announcement of the employees of the Ministry of Education, a copy of the employment contract, a copy of the employee’s social status declaration, stating the number of children, and the continuing study certificate, for each student, a copy of documents related to the payment of fees.

For Arab expatriates working in other federal institutions, a full tuition fee of 6000 dirhams is paid to the son by sending a letter to the relevant authority regarding the settlement of the amount with the Ministry of Education represented in the first school operations sector.