Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Agencies - Global star Selena Gomez knows that she always strives to participate in charity and help others, which has recently appeared in several situations.

Selena Gomez donates to forest fires in Australia

here global star Selena Gomez, 27, donated a huge amount for relief caused by forest fires in Australia, and the amount donated by Gomez reached 5 million US dollars, according to a number of sites, notably the "publicistrecorder" and "The" Digital Weekly ".

Selena Gomez is not the only one who donated forest fires in Australia

Selena Gomez was not the first star to donate for the relief of those affected in Australia, it was preceded by a large number of global stars, most notably the global star Elton John, who donated $ 1 million to the Disaster Relief Fund in Australia, and international star Kelly Minogue and her family also donated 500,000 dollars (380,000 pounds) to help those who fight forest fires in her native Australia is a step that many have found demonstrates Kelly's humanity and her love for charity, and the global superstar also donated half a million dollars for the same reason.

International superstar Chris Hemsworth and his family also announced that they donated $ 1 million to support the fight against forest fires in his country, Australia, and the famous star demanded that everyone provide their support to Australia as well. He said: I want to support the fight against forest fires here in Australia, my family and I contribute one million dollars, Any significant amount for that all you can collect is greatly appreciated, and to complete the support, Liam Hemsworth put on his "Instagram" page, adding links to support firefighters, organizations and charities working hard to provide support and relief during this devastating and difficult time.