Saudi-Emirati alliance to manufacture the first electric car in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Emirati alliance to manufacture the first electric car in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia makes the first electric car, where the Al-Mukhtasar News reporter learned a short time ago from an official source in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that Saudi Arabia will announce at the end of the year 2020 the production of the first electric car.

In a related context, the Minister of Trade and Industry has just lost that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will produce the first car manufactured on its soil at the end of the year 2020.

In this regard, thinking about that project started in 2011, and the intention of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was to establish an integrated factory for the production of electric cars and trucks, especially light transport trucks, medium transport trucks, and heavy transport trucks.

The Al-Mukhtasar newspaper correspondent reported that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently seriously considering reviving that project again, especially as the project is currently in its final steps, and will enter the production stage at the end of this year.

This new project is a new move and boom for the industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently searching for other alternatives instead of relying on crude oil, which prices have deteriorated in the recent period.

On the one hand, the source pointed out that at the present time, there is also a Saudi-Emirati alliance in order to establish a project similar to which cars and production are manufactured under the name “Made in Saudi Arabia and Manufactured in the Emirates.”

This alliance comes for the production of cars, especially heavy transport vehicles, especially since both countries depend on them at the present time in exports and imports from sister Arab countries.

Also, that the UAE-Saudi alliance will contribute to increasing investment during the coming period from both parties, and will provide a large fertile ground for investment and many opportunities on both sides.

On the one hand, the source also emphasized that the auto industry in Saudi Arabia or the auto industry in the Emirates must first be preceded by preparing all the materials that it needs in terms of factories that specialize in the structure of cars, batteries and some other parts that it needs in order to complete that industry and thus we reach integration in the auto industry In the Arab region.

During the reign of King Abdul Aziz and inside the city of King Abdul Aziz, a car or car was produced in Saudi Arabia and it was called Ghazal in the month of December 2010 and the manufacturing rate was 100%. Mehr was able to achieve at that time a great boom in the Saudi market.

That car, which was called Asilah, had very many advantages and was of very high economic value. The weight of the car was 1245 kilograms, and it is expected to be recycled again at the end of 2020, with a production capacity of the car from 2000 to 5,000 cars per year at a cost that may reach more From 60 million riyals as a start.

It should be noted that by the year 2025 the Saudi government can dispense with importing cars from abroad because it will get used to local production if the project is successfully completed.