Rahaf cannons the moment of her arrest
Rahaf cannons the moment of her arrest

Between the illustrious Saudi dissident Dr. Mohammed Al-Masari showed the secret of the man who appeared with Rahaf Al-Qanoun, the Saudi girl who fled to Canada and obtained asylum, which appeared in a video that caused a stir on social networking sites in Saudi Arabia and was exploited well to discredit them, and the reputation of anyone who escapes From Saudi Arabia.

In a related context, he has spoken a few years ago in tweets stinging Hornet explaining the true identity of the handsome Saudi, who appeared with the girl Rahaf Qunoon, where he said what reads:

“He came to me from Juhayna: [the person who appeared in the last video of Rahaf al-Qanoun in Canada, where he conducted a recent interview with him and claimed that his name is Faisal Al-Rashedan and his real name is Faisal Al-Shammari, a Saudi intelligence officer with the rank of major who was recruited with a group of influential and handsome young men and planted them in many countries to influence Saudi girls ”.

He explained the mission of the officers bin Salman planted in several countries, adding in a second tweet:

“In the Saudi female element after the acceleration of the numbers of those who took refuge and the job of these officers is completely different and far from violence, as there are many teams that carry out assassinations and physical liquidation, but this officer and his group to which their functions and duties lie in another type of assassinations”

He added about the assassination of the opposition figure to distort the image of anyone who opposes Saudi Arabia in any form, whether political or religious, where he said in a third tweet read:

“(Personal, imaginary and moral assassinations) by circumventing the activist and its temptation in its attractive form and strength,“ moral delinquency ”, etc. ....... "For example."

Dr. Al-Masari continued by explaining what happened with Rahaf al-Qanoun in the video, which was a personal assassination that differs from "murder."

“Then convincing her that this is in her favor and spreading it on social media so that the opposition will fall and her case with her will be despised and despised by anyone who sees her or hears her and therefore morally assassinated her as an opposition to become a shining and worthless denial, and this is exactly what was literally done with Rahaf al-Qunoon.”

Al-Masari explained that this information was received yesterday from one of our sources and the mother is in the process of making sure the other girl who appeared in the video whether she was a real refugee or a soldier. We also learned that the author of this idea, which he referred to (the Kingdom) last year, is George Nader during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Al-Mas'ari concluded by linking George Nader Al-Shazah to his arrest in America for child prostitution. He said that he referred to Bin Salman to adopt this method, which is a method of sex to rally opponents instead of cutting them and spreading them.

He said what he read: “We will soon provide you with what our sources provide us in this regard or in any other important issues], ended Juhaina's words; Juhaina added: [I also received information, but I am waiting for confirmation, that there is interest from (MBS) and ( Mpz) in the case of George Nader and worried especially the content found from child sex videos, ”

“We don't know if X was involved in some way, but we made sure that Mohammed bin Zayed allowed Nader access to the home of politically imprisoned children, including orphans, to see them and choose whom they wanted, and we made sure that most of the children were 11 or 12 years old. about that,"

“It may be of concern that the US authorities will verify the identities of the children and then discover that these children were obtained from a state-owned institution that is supposed to protect them and not give them as gifts to Bin Zayed's aides and advisers !!!].

On the other hand, Rahaf al-Qanoun had appeared in a video that caused an uproar, especially when Prince Sattam bin Khalid commented on him on his Twitter page and said:

“Where did they defend it? Where did they say looking for her freedom? Is this the freedom they seek? Have parents rejected moral and behavioral decay? Has the father and mother's fear for their children become hardened? ”.