Details of driving license renewal in Qatar 2020
Details of driving license renewal in Qatar 2020

The Qatari government announced new laws to obtain a driver's license and renew licenses in 2020.

* - Citizens or foreigners are never allowed to drive in Qatar without a driving license or they will be subject to unlicensed driving penalties in accordance with the Qatar Traffic Law.

* - The conditions for applying for a driver's license in Qatar vary according to many criteria, for example, the conditions for obtaining a driver's license for citizens are different from foreigners, people with special needs and other situations.

* - The agreed thing is that you must pass the driving test in order to be able to obtain a driver's license, what is the driving test in Qatar and the conditions for passing it?

* - The person must pass a theoretical and practical test to pass the driving test in order to be able to apply for a license. The applicant for a driving license if he holds a driving license from a foreign legal authority or holders of a military driving license can be exempted from taking the test.

Driving License Tests in Qatar 2020

* - Theoretical test:
The test is in Arabic for traffic rules and signals and principles in car mechanics, but for those who do not know in Arabic can take the theoretical test orally.

* - Practical test:
If the applicant passes the theoretical test, he or she is given a practical test that examines his ability to drive in all circumstances. The test is conducted on a vehicle of the type applied for a driver's license.

What are the driving license fees in Qatar 2020?

The fee for obtaining a driving license for Qatari nationals is QR 500 and is valid for 10 years from the date of issuance.

What are the general conditions for applying for a driving license in Qatar?

* The applicant must be resident in Qatar.
* - The applicant must be at least 18 years old to drive a light vehicle or motorcycle and 21 years for heavy vehicles.
*- Fitness
* - Pass the driving test.

What are the conditions for applying for a driving license for Qataris residing in Qatar and the required documents 2020?

* - Legal age of 18 for light vehicles and 21 years for heavy.
* - Copy of the ID card.
* - 3 modern colored personal photos.
* - The amount of education insurance for those who want to learn to drive on a private car.

What are the conditions for applying for a non-Qatari driving license and the necessary papers?


Reaching the legal age.
* - ID card or passport and two copies of them.
* - Copy of the ID card of the sponsor.
* A letter from the sponsor agreeing to obtain a driving license.
* - 3 colorful selfies.

What are the conditions for obtaining a driving license for diplomats and officials of international missions? It is worth noting that their application is free of charge:


* - Approval letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
* - Copy of the diplomatic card.
* - 3 colorful selfies.
* - Original License.

What are the conditions for obtaining a driver's license for people with special needs?


* - Special needs are referred to the Medical Services Authority for a detailed report on the type of disability and disability. The Traffic Department is provided with the report.
* - The license is granted according to the report submitted.


Types of driving licenses in Qatar 2020:

1. Week license:
Foreigners from abroad can drive for one week if they have a driving license approved by their country of origin.
2. Temporary license for 3 months:
Foreigners can also apply for a 3-month temporary driving license by filling in the medicine and then presenting documents such as: approved driving license, passport copy and 2 colored personal photos.

3. International driving license for 6 months:
Non-Qatari nationals can drive an International Driving License for 6 months from the date of entry into Qatar.

4. Qatar Driving License:
The procedures for applying for a Qatari driving license are listed above.

Driving License Renewal in Qatar
Do not forget to renew your driver's license before it expires or it will be canceled and you will be subject to legal liability.You can easily renew your driver's license electronically and also through the application of Matrash 2.