My mom's electric car, similar to a washing machine, will be released in the Qatari market soon
My mom's electric car, similar to a washing machine, will be released in the Qatari market soon

The State of Qatar witnessed the launch of a new electric car in the Qatari market, which is the car of the electric washing machine, which is very similar to the shape of the washing machine, in terms of the exterior shape of the car, and this car is produced by the French company "Citroen", which succeeded in imposing itself with force in the markets in the past. The last, and according to what our reporter, Al-Mukhtasar News, succeeded in obtaining, the washing machine electric car is scheduled to be launched in the Qatari market at the end of the year 2020.


It is worth noting that the electric car from Citroen will download the name "my mother", and was scheduled to be launched in July of this year, but the car was put on the market, given the crisis in the country and all countries of the world in the outbreak of the emerging virus, according to As things turned out, the car is expected to be offered to the consumer in the Saudi auto market at the end of this year.

And included the official announcement of the car that will be offered in the Arab markets, especially the Arab Gulf region and will include both the countries of "Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Jordan - Bahrain - Sultanate of Oman - Kuwait", and the car will come at a very good price and in the capabilities of everyone, as the car will reach about 6600.

According to what was approved by the French company for the production of cars, in its recent conference that was held in the French capital «Paris», the company aims through its new car, who provided an opportunity for everyone from a limited income, in order to be able to buy a new car, the price will be close to or Below the price of other used cars.

It is expected that the Qatari market for cars will witness a major development after adding a new competitor to the market in Qatar, and the cars that are rented to Qatari citizens, where the French company, Citroen, indicated that the value of the car rental will be at an extremely cheap price per month, and all citizens will be able to Rent a car.

After the announcement of the car announcement by the company of its new electric car at the last conference in Paris, a large number of international car experts and many journalists announced their great surprise about the exterior shape of the car, which is very special, as the name of the "washing machine car" was launched, given the similarities The big between the exterior of the car and an automatic washing machine, and the car also comes with two seats, as it can only accommodate two people.

Also, the car of my mother from the French company is distinguished by the small size and the very short car length, as the length of the car reaches 2.41 meters, and it is expected that this car, with its launch in the market in Qatar, will contribute to facing irrigation congestion due to its small pilgrimage.
The other thing that surprised the journalists at the conference about advertising the car is its external appearance as well, in terms of the front of the car and its similarly similar background, and the company also revealed the good safety of the car.

The French company mentioned that the car's speed is very similar to children's cars because the car comes with a very small engine, as its engine comes with 8 horsepower, and for the price of the car it is not more than 45 km per hour.

Citroen Ali announced that the car battery is large, but that the single charge of the car's battery, but my mom's electric car can travel more than 70 kilometers.

In a related context, according to what the company announced at its last conference, the car can be driven by children over the age of fourteen years, as its speed is largely the same as the speed of electric grades.