Australian forest fires
Australian forest fires

A few hours ago, the Australian government called in a large number of reservists to help fight fires, the first of which was seen in forests and out of control. The eastern coast of Australia yesterday witnessed high temperatures in addition to strong winds, and the Australian government warns of the worst.

The government indicated in a statement today that this is the largest summons in the history of the country, and the statement confirmed that about 3,000 reservists were called in.

On the other hand, Scott Morrison is under a heavy campaign of criticism for the way he manages the fire crisis.

Forest fires have destroyed 5 million hectares of land since it began in September last year.

The reserve forces that were summoned are to be deployed according to the decision taken by the governor-general.

The Australian Army works side by side with firefighters to fight fires, by conducting aerial reconnaissance operations.

The military is also currently working on air logistical support, and the Australian army has deployed about two thousand soldiers to meet these challenges.

It is worth noting that the Australian government has evacuated tens of thousands of Estan from their home in the southeast of the country by means of the disaster, which is expected to increase in the coming days.