Details of the night work decision in Saudi Arabia
Details of the night work decision in Saudi Arabia

It started on January 1, 2020 to implement the night work decision in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in conjunction with allowing some commercial activities to work for 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom.

Details of the night work decision:
The Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, had issued a ministerial decision "regarding the organization of night work and clarifying the duties and night rights of the night worker in the establishments he works for.

Details of the night work decision in Saudi Arabia

The details of the decision clarify that the night work is intended for every work performed during the period from eleven o'clock in the evening until six o'clock in the morning, while the usual working hours include all work performed during the period from six o'clock in the morning until eleven o'clock in the evening, and this period is considered It is the norm in working hours, "according to a previous report published by the official Saudi Press Agency.

Who does "night work" apply to?
Khaled Aba Al-Khail, a spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, said, "The term night worker is specifically applied to everyone who requires performing his work at least three hours during the night work period indicated and specified in the ministerial decision."

He pointed out, according to the Saudi Agency, that "the employer is obligated towards the night worker to provide health services, and the night worker has the right to submit a medical report to the establishment in which he works to clarify the extent of his suitability for night work or not. Usual, with similar hours.

Compensation and benefits for night work:

Aba Al-Khail touched on the same Saudi agency report, stating that "the night worker must be compensated in the form of benefits in working hours or wages or any similar benefits, such as providing a suitable transportation allowance for night work, and providing appropriate transportation when other transport services are not available, Or compensation for transportation fees, as well as basic transportation allowance benefits.

In addition to a suitable allowance for the nature of night work, or to reduce the actual hours of night work while maintaining the same weight calculated for the usual actual hours of work and the benefits and benefits received, the facility must also protect their rights and equal workers in the usual hours of work through training, qualification, seniority, promotion, etc. .

And the rest period after the end of a working day until the start of another working day does not fall below twelve hours and the maximum continuous work period in the night work period does not exceed three months, after which it is rotated to work in the usual work hours for a period of not less than a month unless there is a desire From the worker to continue to do so, then his written consent will be taken and preserved in his private file, while protecting his right in case of withdrawing the approval with proof of that. "