Mohammed bin Salman
Mohammed bin Salman

Today, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia announced a number of decisions related to all affairs of expatriates, including salaries, taxes, and visas, and announced the creation of 45,000 direct and indirect job opportunities by the Saudi Ports Authority.

Today, the Saudi Ports Authority announced a number of important and crucial decisions regarding the immediate profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The mission of Saudi ports is to support the Kingdom's financial improvement and expand non-oil incomes by promoting the development of local and international exchanges. There is no doubt that the ports of Saudi Arabia have a tumultuous track of achievements since the start of the main port in the Kingdom.

With the beginning of the vision, the General Authority for Ports announced its system to keep pace with its goals, which depend on improving the framework, increasing efficiency, operational limit and administrative change, the job of Saudi ports became pivotal during the time spent in the monetary change from the Kingdom, and assuming a more comprehensive job than its traditional job as offices for rent and import, to become The stages of the formats are Incorporated.

Mina Company confirmed to Al-Mukhtar newspaper that it is working to undermine the effective implementation of the national coordination stages that it intends to have a noticeable monetary impact talking about contributing to the gross domestic product of the structure and development in these stages of GDP every year.

She drew attention to the fact that she takes into account the use of implementation indicators in the carrier care stations in Saudi ports as part of its arrangements to establish and improve current and future agreements in Saudi ports, according to the best international standards around there. "Mina" is similarly trying to send a truck reservation frame through the "Al-Faseeh" stage, as this work is being developed in different ports in the Kingdom, as this will further reduce the duration of the methodology in the port.

This massive new project is expected to provide fantastic careers with exceptional wages for all exile workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and for every one of its residents.

Muhammad Container Governor Salman Cylinder Abdel Aziz, the Saudi Crown Prince, representative and priest of the resistance, revealed that the Kingdom has prevailed with regard to expanding work locally and reducing the compensation bill for workers in the country.

In a speech on "The Fate of the Risk Project," Sultan Muhammad Salman said that Saudi Arabia faces the test of reducing the government wage bill.

It is expected that the Saudi crown prince will witness, a year from now, an increase in compensation in the Kingdom, and that the pace of business will double and reduce unemployment.

The Saudi crown prince said: "The figures indicate that oil income has increased significantly and the financial limit for the current year is the largest spending plan throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

Sultan Muhammad Salman expected the Saudi economy to grow this year with a focus on the benefits of the open projects reserve.