Details of work permits for expats in Saudi Arabia
Details of work permits for expats in Saudi Arabia

Expatriates in Saudi Arabia, a new statement revealed today by the Ministry of Labor for expatriates in Saudi Arabia, within the framework of the Kingdom's policy for the settlement of many professions for Saudi citizens, has been announced to stop the renewal of work licenses for a number of professions, which angered many expats in Saudi Arabia.

And now, our distinguished followers, will show you the names of the professions in which the renewal of work permits will be suspended.

Whereas, the Ministry of Labor has announced grace and expatriates working in that profession for a period of 90 days.

In order to vacate and leave these occupations in order to replace them with Saudi citizens in these professions.

The Saudi Ministry of Labor also warned migrants to stay in these professions, so that they fall under the law and pay a financial fine.

Professions that will stop the renewal of work permits for expats in Saudi Arabia

The procurement profession, the marketing profession, the rank of the arresting workers, the driver's profession, and the professions of the tourism sector.

In addition to the post of deputy director of hotels, the position of technical management assistant, the position of assistant director of sales management, the position of manager, the position of tourist information clerk and the position of executive secretary.

It also included the functions of a general administrative writer and activities for groceries and foodstuffs.

Alban from the Saudi Ministry of Labor also included a large number of jobs, such as mobile vehicles and malls.

And a number of professions also, but it must be noted that it has not yet issued professions to be Saudized by 100%.