Safa al-Hashem attack arrivals in Kuwait
Safa al-Hashem attack arrivals in Kuwait

Shocking statements to many expatriates in Kuwait from Kuwaiti MP Safaa al-Hashem, which many residents consider racism, after her recent request to deport them, and Al-Hashem indicated that expatriates in Kuwait cause crowded streets and take many jobs in the country despite the unemployment situation for many Kuwaiti youth.

Safaa Al-Hashem spoke during her past statements that expatriates in Kuwait are transferring billions of dollars of Kuwaiti money to their country.

Al-Hashem demanded the necessity of replacing expatriates in Kuwait in many fields of work with cadres from Kuwaitis, stressing the ease of work carried out by the expatriate or expatriate, which is the business of Kuwaiti government bodies.

Perhaps the most prominent statement that has sparked outrage during the recent period, is its statement against the Egyptian expatriates in Kuwait, a claim after the recruitment of any migrant workers from Egypt.

Safa Al-Hashem proposals against expatriates in Kuwait

  • Al-Hashem demanded that mandatory conditions be set by project contractors to deport arrivals after the projects were completed.
  • The need for Kuwaiti companies to issue reports stating that companies need the necessary labor.
  • Increase fees for Kuwaiti residents by 100%.
  • The expatriate period in Kuwait should not exceed 10 years and determine it.