The idea of an Arab domestic aircraft manufacturing car supports the idea of manufacturing the first electric car in Kuwait
The idea of an Arab domestic aircraft manufacturing car supports the idea of manufacturing the first electric car in Kuwait

Kuwait makes the first electric car bearing the logo made in Kuwait, where a source recently revealed to Al-Moqtaz newspaper that some companies are considering making and producing the first electric car that can withstand the heat of the air in Kuwait, especially since the temperatures are very high.

In a related context, it is customary to choose cars that are compatible with the state. For example, the temperatures are very high in Kuwait. Cars are chosen that are consistent with the temperatures by the manufacturer, through the Research and Development Center, which is its job so that it is consistent with the weather conditions in all Country.

The idea of ​​manufacturing at the present time exists in the sense that it is a beautiful thing, especially in the current period after the spread of the Corona virus in many countries and the idea of ​​relying on the domestic industry is very impressive in order to support the economy of countries and reduce dependence on import and greater dependence on export.

We did not give an example here through Al-Mukhtasar newspaper in that hadith. We will notice GAC, because the company’s research center is working first to study the weather and weather conditions inside each country before the car was manufactured, in order to manufacture a car that matches the weather conditions and temperatures in Every country.

GAC company known on the global level and has a long history in the famous auto industry, for example, it applies all safety standards and its entire bike so that it is compatible with all weather conditions and temperatures in each country by looking at car engines on all different types and all different models. Ensures the driver and all passengers of the highest levels of safety and security while leaving a luxury imprint in terms of the interior and the sleek flow in the car from the outside.

On the one hand, the source revealed to the Al-Mukhtasar newspaper reporter that the new electric car in Kuwait will comply with all international safety and security standards with a very impressive cruise, whether in the interior of the car or the exquisite aesthetic appearance of the car.

After the spread of the Corona virus in many countries, especially China, many countries of the world depended very heavily on the strength of the Chinese economy, especially in the auto industry, with factories stopping at the present time in Chinese territory and stopping the export movement of many countries with increasing prices at the present time due to The supply stopped. Many countries began to rely internally on setting up internal factories that rely on internal labor rather than import.

Under the slogan "Made in Kuwait," at the time, it is seriously considering setting up a factory for electric cars that will be able to cover the local accreditation and export to many countries of the world, especially with the interruption of Chinese industry at the present time due to the Corona virus.

The source confirmed that the new car of all different types and its success will be able to adapt to passing all the high temperatures during the summer, especially as the temperatures in Kuwait for example are very high in the summer.

New tests and standards will be the subject of consideration by the manufacturers of that car so that they are subject to tests and challenges and are able to carry out the highest rate of cooling with high temperatures and do not negatively affect the performance of air conditioning with the distribution of coolness in all parts of the car, whether under the seats or at the rear window or in Amid the cabin, where the cooling was effective in more degrees than usual, in order to ensure excellence and better comfort for all passengers and driver.

Likewise, the new car will be applied to the highest levels of safety within what it produces from cars and engines of various types and models, in a manner that guarantees the safety of its drivers and passengers, with the best degrees of comfort and luxury in terms of the interior and its multiple advantages, as well as adopting the best materials in the manufacture of parts The main vehicle, which meets international specifications and standards adopted in the manufacture of engines and cars.

Also, the internal parts of the car's engine have been examined after its manufacture in order to ensure its safety and the structure will be examined in all its various parts, whether metal, plastic or glass and everything related to it in order to know if there is any change or something that could affect the performance of the engine The car, or the performance of the car in general to produce an amazing result that is characterized by a high degree of quality.

The new car will also have a very high quality of performance despite the fact that the air temperature exceeds in some stages of the fifty-degree degree experiment, and in different environments in terms of the methods that were tried in them, whether in the desert environment or on the easy or winding roads so that it causes a response Tires with the car in great shape and very high stability with a wonderful and distinct brake system with strength, performance and stability on all roads and are identical to the highest specifications of the car industry in the world.

It is worth noting that this project is expected to be completed at the end of 2025, after which the State of Kuwait will make it necessary to rely on external cars and dependence on the local industry, especially as it can provide great job opportunities in that wonderful economic sector.