Economic support for the manufacture of the first electric car in Jordan
Economic support for the manufacture of the first electric car in Jordan

Jordan makes the first electric car, where the Al-Mukhtasar News reporter learned a little ago that I want me to think Jordan at the end of this year 2020 will produce the first electric car.

Economic and investment reform Currently, Jordan is trying to break the bottleneck and rely on local industry to advance the Jordanian economy.

In a related context, the source revealed that the cost of the new project will be estimated at about six billion dollars, through a production capacity of more than 50 thousand cars throughout the year.

Electric cars in the current period are environmentally friendly and very cost-effective. The cost of the project in the preliminary stage will be about 447 million dollars, with an average investment in five years amounting to more than 6 billion dollars.

While the average production of cars throughout the year will reach about 50 thousand cars, and therefore it will help to create large and many job opportunities, amounting to 7500 job opportunities in one or five years.

In that regard, this comes to the fact that that new factory in Jordan will be the first in the Arab region, with an additional value of 53% during the first year and rise to 67% after three years of work.

The volume of investment in Jordan will flourish with the establishment of that giant project, where the cost reaches 450 million dollars, and it will rise to about six billion dollars in order to produce about 50 thousand cars throughout the year, at a rate ranging between 100 and 300 cars throughout the day and the volume of exports reaches To six billion dollars over the course of the year.

An impressive infrastructure and industrial services in the midst of an integrated system of advanced ports in Jordan at the present time that can facilitate export operations to the target markets at the world level, in addition to enabling Jordan to overcome the economic challenges facing the Jordanian economy at the present time.

The source also stressed that the new investment law facilitates the establishment of free trade between Jordan and the United States of America, which contributes to an understanding in the advancement of the Jordanian economy and thus will absorb 70% of local Jordanian employment.

The new project will have repercussions on economic indicators in Urdu, because it will lead to an increase in the added value of all merchandise exports by up to 16.35%, an increase in the added value of industrial exports 27.65%, an increase in the added value of foreign investment 21.19%, as well as an increase in the added value of the local product 3.51% and a reduction The trade deficit is 3.5%.

Also, the added value will increase and reach 55%, thanks to that project, which achieves the mark of origin bearing the brand name "Made in Jordan", in addition to that the auto industry is one of the most wonderful industries followed by several supportive and complementary industries.

The new project will be the first of its kind in the Middle East, where for the first time a car is manufactured in the Arab region and in the Middle East, bearing a special name and design for the Jordanian people.

The source revealed that the project will be held in its first stages and will produce two types of cars in all their categories and specifications, the first category is SUV cars (gasoline - electricity), and the second category is light cabins (double - diesel).

The source also stressed that production and design will be in accordance with European specifications, cars will be characterized by a very cool exterior design and excellent interior design equipped with the most luxurious equipment and luxuries, and the latest command and control technology, and will be compatible with the target markets according to their priorities in all countries of the world but the focus will be Primitive to European countries and the United States of America and African countries, and then the Arab countries.

On the one hand, the source revealed that the production stages will be based on the formation of the internal and external structure (full robot), internal and external bodywork welding processes (full robot), car paint (full robot), and internal and external assembly operations (75% of the robot) quality control (full computerized) And that the added value in manufacturing operations exceeds 55% and the production capacity of the car factory every 288 seconds.

And Ali revealed that the types of cars produced in the first stage will be in two categories: the first is a SUV, the second is a double-cab light transport, and the cars manufactured according to European specifications, and the engine will be produced by the Japanese company Toyota.