Expatriates in Saudi Arabia
Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

After the spread of many news about the abolition of the sponsorship system, social media pioneers traded good news and good news about the official start of work on the suspension of dealing with the sponsorship system about some professions and jobs for expatriates in the Kingdom.

The Kingdom began in earnest to work on developing work systems to suit the interests of the citizen and the expatriate, as well as what is needed in the labor market, and this is what also prompted the Ministry of Labor to speak openly.
Where Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor, Ahmed Al-Humaidan, said that the work is very close to the application of modern and advanced systems that completely exclude from dealing in the sponsorship system, which has become flabby and has multiple problems on employment in the labor market.

4 violations ending the residence of expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, through a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, announced that it has begun to start implementing new violations, and in the interest of the safety and security of citizens and expatriates, it has warned everyone against its commission, and has called for its caution in order to avoid the fine and violation costing deportation.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Interior approved the penalty of deportation permanently, termination of residency, and employment contract for any expatriate who commits any of the following violations.

Any expatriate who works for his own account or the so-called random and loose employment, and the penalty for that is 10 thousand riyals and deportation, while committing the violation for the second time is a fine of 25 thousand riyals and deportation and imprisonment for a month.

In the event that the expatriate commits the violation for the third time or more, he will pay a fine of 50 thousand Saudi riyals, imprisonment for a period of 6 months and be permanently deported from the Kingdom without the possibility of returning again.

Expatriate is late to leave after expiry of the entry visa granted to him.

  • The punishment for the first time: a fine of 15 thousand riyals.
  • Punishment for the second time: a fine of 25 thousand riyals.
  • Three months imprisonment, deportation.