driver’s license for expats in Saudi
driver’s license for expats in Saudi

We explain to you the method of obtaining a driver’s license in Saudi Arabia for residents and Egyptians in the Kingdom, where the license can be worked in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and some other countries, and it can be extracted with simple papers and in a short time starting from the medical examination and even conducting the driver’s license test in Saudi Arabia.

Using the driver's license in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries

It is preferable if the applicant holds a driver’s license from his country, but it does not substitute for testing and the rest of the procedures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain a driver’s license, especially as it is one of the most important requirements for living in the Kingdom. You can also use the Saudi driving license in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council countries and some other Arab and African countries Here are the papers and procedures required to obtain a driver’s license in the Kingdom, as follows.

 The documents required to obtain a Saudi driving license

 When submitting the documents at the Traffic Department, the application for obtaining a driver’s license must be withdrawn and attached to the following documents

  • Medical examination certificate.
  • A copy of the residence.
  • passport copy.
  • A copy of the Egyptian license (if any).
  • personal photos.
  • A letter of identification from the sponsor, authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce.

Entering the driving school and conducting a medical examination to obtain a driving license

  • Driving school: You must participate in one of the driving schools in the city of residence in Saudi Arabia in order to obtain a driver's license. To participate, a placement test is conducted to know your previous driving experience, and on the basis of this test, the number of days is determined in the traffic school.
  • Concerning the medical examination: a medical examination certificate for the license must be obtained from one of the accredited hospitals in the Kingdom, according to your residence.

Procedures for obtaining a driver’s license in Saudi Arabia in detail, starting with the payment of fees and taking a car driving test in Saudi Arabia

  • After finishing the Traffic School, the previous papers will be submitted, the prescribed fees will be paid, and payment will be made at the cashier or by payment at the Government Transactions Office (while keeping the receipt for submitting it with the papers).
  • The Traffic Department determines the date of the test, and the test must be taken on the specified date. The exam is divided into two parts:

Driving exam: This is done by the examiner before a committee of traffic officers.

Signal Exam: All signs must be saved in the sign board delivered by Al Muroor School.

  • In the event of failure, the exam will be repeated after a month without having to go to a passing school again.

After success, the license is received on the same day, or the next day at the latest.