Muhammad bin Salman announces expatriate residence in Saudi Arabia 2020
Muhammad bin Salman announces expatriate residence in Saudi Arabia 2020

announces strict controls and laws against expatriate 2020، The Ministry of Labor announced that it has expanded the deportation department for residents working in a number of professions in the Kingdom, and local sources indicated that the Ministry of Labor clarified the names of professions expected to deport and deport workers and end their residency within less than a month from now.

  • The activity of groceries and foodstuffs includes many jobs.
  • Mobile carriages and malls also includes several professions in this sector.
  • As for the sectors to be Saudized in the coming period, the sales sector is due to be Saudized, the pharmacists sector is to be Saudized, the accounts sector is to be Saudized, the engineering sector is to be Saudized.

Local sources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also mentioned that the trip to end the residency for expatriates has already started to be implemented, after expanding the spot of resettlement of jobs and the year 2020 will be the year of expulsions for expatriates.

The fate of hundreds of thousands of non-Saudi workers will be the rapid and forced deportation before the end of this year. These sectors include medical devices stores, building materials, car parts, carpets and sweets, and the Saudi Ministry of Labor had previously announced in early 2019 the prevention of Arabs and foreigners from working in 12 other sectors, including the sale of electrical devices and means of communication.