entry visas for expatriates in the UAE
entry visas for expatriates in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates recently launched many and many channels and websites via the Internet, and these channels and platforms for expatriates in the Emirates are helping to inquire about requests, entry permits and visas provided by the Ministry of Interior in the UAE for all expatriates, and the General Authority for Foreign Affairs also provides inquiries For exit permits, other things that circulate arrivals in each emirate to verify their authenticity.

Through these platforms, expatriates in the Emirates will be able to inquire about:

  • Inquire about fees
  • Inquire about skipping or exceeding the period
  • Inquire about setting expatriate status.

Now every expatriate or expatriate in the Emirates will be able to inquire and inquire about all the information in order to inquire about entry requests in addition to entry visas for expatriates in the Emirates, and the costs and conditions of zero tolerance for the status of expatriates in the Emirates.

And take into consideration avoiding exceeding the permissible visa period for expatriates and expatriates, according to each visa for not obtaining any fines.

How to inquire about entry visas for expatriates in the Emirates:

  1. Log in to the official site here.
  2. Fill in the required information, which is your private information.
  3. You can also inquire about the visa status and know it through the order service from here.
  4. The Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates has issued a special number for the Ministry's call center to inquire about the issuance and validity of the visa for each expatriate through this number 8005000.