Emirates resumes postal service with Qatar
Emirates resumes postal service with Qatar

In a surprise decision today, the United Arab Emirates announced the return of the postal service with the State of Qatar, this came after an absence of three years, especially after the recent decision of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain in mid-2017 to boycott the State of Qatar politically and economically.

The UAE’s latest decision came after the recent meeting between the United Arab Emirates and Qatar with the United Nations Postal Agency.

It should be mentioned that, after the recent accusations of Qatar, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have boycotted Qatar politically, commercially and economically. For its part, the Qatari government has denied these accusations in full and in detail.

In the same context, the spokesperson for the Postal Union of the United Nations stated that the latest danger on the part of the UAE government comes within the framework of the recent meeting that was held with representatives of postal authorities in the four countries in order to improve ties between them at the end of last month.

The United Arab Emirates will resume postal service with Qatar after years of suspension

In this regard, the post office still does not reach this moment from Qatar to both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as customer service indicated in both countries, in return, there was no comment from the UAE side on this matter.

On the one hand, one of the employees in the Emirates Post mentioned, referring to the return and resumption of work, confirming that the post sends between the post offices in Qatar and the Emirates.