expatriates in Saudi Arabia
expatriates in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the opening of investments to expatriates and expatriates on its lands, and announced the conditions for obtaining permanent residence, and this comes within the framework of a program aimed at attracting new investments to the Kingdom, opening new horizons after expanding the Kingdom's current projects, and attracting manpower to bridge These gaps have launched many projects and services commensurate with the size of this development.

First we explain to you the details of permanent residence fees according to the latest update, as well as the necessary conditions for expatriates wishing to obtain permanent residence, in addition to the most important benefits of that residence for expatriates and the occupations that their owners are permitted to obtain.

Fees for permanent residence in Saudi Arabia

The cost of a distinguished residence fee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 800 thousand riyals for obtaining it permanently, and the amount of 100 thousand riyals annually for temporary residence

Benefits of obtaining permanent residence

The holder of permanent residence will be able to enjoy services provided to the citizen, such as owning the property, benefiting from it through leasing, in addition to education and health services that are disbursed to citizens, and will also enable its holders to obtain the right to own property, buy a private vehicle registered in the name of the expatriate, and obtain recruitment and visit visas in addition to To go out and come back freely.

The permanent residency program is considered to diversify the sources of income in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in which oil is the primary source of income, in a significant step in a region where foreigners are subject to strict residence rules and controls that must be adhered to.