Traffic in Bahrain Archive photo
Traffic in Bahrain Archive photo

Very high turnout at the only driving school in the eastern region and the difficulty in reserving an appointment for training, which prompted many Saudi women wishing to obtain driving licenses to go to Bahrain, but the condition of housing was standing in front of them, before the announcement of the abolition of this condition.

The General Traffic Department in the Kingdom of Bahrain has abolished the housing requirement for Saudi women who want to obtain a driver’s license from Bahrain, according to procedures set by the Bahrain Traffic Department.

On this, the President of the Bahrain Association for Driving Coaches Ibrahim Al-Asfour thanked the Brigadier Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Wahab Al Khalifa, Director of the General Traffic Department, and Colonel Mohammed Ahmed Mahmoud, Director of the Driving Training Department, for their response to the association’s desire to cancel the issuance of the residence address for female trainees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which reduces the financial burden They speed up the procedures for obtaining a driver's education license.

The procedures set by the Bahrain Traffic Department for Saudi women
It is noteworthy that the procedures set by the Bahrain Traffic Department for Saudi women who want to obtain a driver’s license include that the applicant has reached the age specified by law for the type of license required, to be granted the driving form for Gulf nationals, to be completely filled with a personal photo, and to bring the original passport and a copy of the national identity And to pass the eyesight test, and prove that it is free from any deficiency that could cripple or impede its ability to drive according to the law, after which a temporary driving license - a driving learning card - accompanied by a smart card - the national identity - is submitted in the amount of SAR 285, and after the issuance of the card Timer The woman is given three weeks to review the driving school and learn to drive.

Cost: - 20 Bahraini dinars (200 riyals) + a test drive and car usage fee of 16 Bahraini dinars (160 riyals).

Training dates

  • 22 hours, the hourly rate ranges between 5 and 7 Bahraini dinars, according to the trainer (50 to 70 riyals), total training from (1100 to 1540 riyals)

Conditions for obtaining a driving license in Bahrain

  • The legal age is 18 years
  • Training Success Form
  • ID card or passport
  • Residence in Bahrain
  • Vision examination