expatriate women in Saudi
expatriate women in Saudi

Saudi Arabia issues a number of strict decisions regarding expatriates residing in it, and Saudi Arabia also announced a number of important decisions for women in Saudi Arabia, the last of which is an identification identity for women, whether Saudi or expatriate.

Saudi Arabia is committed to applying a number of laws that are important to women in accordance with Islamic law and the laws of Islamic religion.

Saudi Arabia recently announced a new tariff card for women showing the destination of Saudi or expatriate women inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is scheduled that this new decision will represent a major shift for women in Saudi Arabia, through which you will be able to register for her children in Saudi schools.

These are the conditions for obtaining an ID for Saudi and expatriate women for 2020

Saudi Arabia announced a number of measures that must be met in order to obtain an identification card for women.

Where a woman in Saudi Arabia or an expatriate woman inside Saudi Arabia must obtain this identification card to avoid being subject to legal prosecution.

  1. Obtaining an application for issuing an identity card from the services office.
  2. The applicant fills all the required data in the application and submits it to the concerned employee.
  3. A copy of the birth certificate.
  4. A copy of the identity of the parent
  5. After that, the applicant submits all papers and obtains the receipt.
  6. Payment of administrative expenses and stamps on the application.
  7. Providing 4 personal photos with a blue background.
  8. The applicant obtains the identity card from the employee after completing all the above-mentioned procedures.

It is worth noting that the police in Saudi Arabia are taking these measures recently in order to preserve the rights of Saudi women and expatriate women inside Saudi Arabia, due to the absence of legal prosecutions and large financial fines.