China expresses its anger after Australia's stance
China expresses its anger after Australia's stance

The Chinese ambassador to Australia warned that demands for an investigation into the outbreak of the Corona virus could lead to Chinese consumers boycotting Australian products or for visits to this country.

This came in an interview made by Ambassador Cheng Jingyi to the Australian newspaper "Financial Review" published Sunday, against the background of Australia joining the United States in calling for a careful investigation in the transformation of the virus from a local epidemic in central China into a global epidemic that has killed more than 200 thousand people, and forced governments Imposing isolation measures that affected billions of people, and hit the global economy.

In a veiled threat, the ambassador warned that pressure to conduct an independent investigation into the origins of the epidemic posed a "danger" and said that "the Chinese people are resentful and disappointed with what Australia is doing now."

"If the mood turns from bad to worse, people will say: We have not gone to a country like this, tourists may change their opinions," he added.

"The decision is up to the people. Ordinary people may say: We did not drink Australian wine and eat Australian beef."

Cheng also threatened the issue of Chinese students going to Australian universities, which is a major source of revenue, and travel restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the epidemic.

"The students' families may also think whether the place they found is not friendly, even hostile, and whether it is the best place to send their children to," he said.

Cheng also accused Australia of repeating US positions, saying: "Some people are seeking to blame China for their problems and divert attention," adding that "it is a kind of satisfaction with the assurances made by some powers in Washington."

The United States called for an investigation into the outbreak of the Corona pandemic after the "Fox" channel published a report alleging that the virus emerged from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Beijing categorically denies the claims of the artificial origin of the Coronavirus.