Bahraini Shura Council deals with talking about the new decision
Bahraini Shura Council deals with talking about the new decision

The Bahraini Shura Council issued a new resolution, which caused great controversy among citizens and implementation 2020.

In a related context, the services committee of the Bahraini Shura Council revealed its adherence to its previous decision to reject a draft law on the necessity for a foreign worker to obtain a certificate of good conduct and behavior from a country of recruitment before entering Bahrain, and the committee indicated that the proposed amendment would raise some practical difficulties in application and hinder the actions of investors.

The services committee showed that the number of Bahraini embassies abroad and their geographical distribution does not cover the countries that make up the total expatriate labor to the Kingdom, which will increase the financial burdens of recruitment incurred by the business owner in the event that the worker’s place of residence is far from the location of the Bahrain embassy or consulate in His hometown, and approval of the draft law carries administrative and financial burdens that are unjustified in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

She pointed out that there is joint cooperation between the security services in all the countries of the Cooperation Council, and a unified circular on all names that are not desirable to enter the Kingdom of Bahrain or any of the countries of the Council, and that these agencies undertake to follow up on the nationalities that commit crimes, and take the necessary measures to limit the recruitment of workers One of the citizens of those nationalities, according to the requirements of the public interest. According to the Bahraini newspaper, Al-Ayyam.

The committee pointed out that the draft law contradicts the general policy of the state and its economic vision that works to encourage and attract investments to the Kingdom, create an attractive environment for it, and simplify procedures for bringing in foreign workers. Therefore, approval of this project will have a negative impact on the national economy.

The Committee noted that when a foreign worker resides in Bahrain, when she wishes to renew the work permit, then this certificate is required to be presented each time the employers ask for the renewal of the permit. Is this certificate submitted by the foreign worker’s country or obtained from the Criminal Investigation Department in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as The bill did not regulate that.

The committee pointed out that imposing the presentation of a certificate of good conduct and behavior on foreigners working in the Kingdom of Bahrain will prompt other countries to take similar action for Bahrainis, especially students who are studying outside Bahrain, which makes the results of this project negative for the Bahraini citizen.