renewal of residence for expatriates in saudi
renewal of residence for expatriates in saudi

Important decisions announced today by Saudi Arabia, where the Saudi Ministry of Labor announced a permanent residence of 500 riyals annually in 2020، In recent years, Saudi Arabia is welcoming and opening its doors to workers from all over the world, as it welcomes Arabs and foreigners, and recently the Passports Authority coordinated with the Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about its new decision to renew the residence fees 2020 for migrant workers and expatriates and their families and their wives, follow the details.

The Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia also announced an increase in the length of the work visa from six to four years only. This comes in addition to paying renewal of residence fees for expatriates, and this decision includes workers working in companies or institutions.

The value of renewing the residence fee for 2020 in Saudi Arabia has reached 650 riyals for expatriates and expatriates separately for the same amount for utilities, and expatriate or expatriate are to pay 1,000 riyals in the event of a change of profession.

The fees for transferring the guarantee amounted to between SAR 2,000 the first time, the cost of the second time reached 4000 Saudi riyals, while the third cost is 6000 Saudi riyals.

It should be mentioned that if the expatriate added any children born or born outside the Kingdom, this would be a fee of 2000 Saudi riyals.

Conditions for renewing Saudi residency for expatriates and expatriates:

  • The insured must have a health insurance card.

  • Guarantee of payment of messenger claim.

  • The person shall be the perpetrator of all traffic violations.

  • Compliance with the conditions required for the papers required for renewal.