Very sad in Kuwait
Very sad in Kuwait

A Kuwaiti newspaper revealed today, Sunday, a resounding scandal in government bodies and institutions, which endangers the lives of thousands of Kuwaitis.

The Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Rai" said that a Kuwaiti citizen, at the age of twenty-one, holds the qualification of a pharmacist, with a false certificate extracted from an Arab country and submitted to the relevant government agencies, and approved and appointed on its basis, without even being assigned or commissioned by those responsible for them. The trouble of asking.

And the newspaper asked: "How can the twenty-first son hold a Ph.D. qualification, even if he is [a genius] regarding what is natural that he is still on university seats in recent years, or on the verge of graduation, if [a genius]."

What is no less strange than the above is that he obtained "multiplied" licenses for 12 pharmacies that he presented to several ministries and approved them, according to which the 12 pharmacies were opened in various parts of the country under one name, and accordingly, he was able to appoint 180 employees to work in these pharmacies.

The newspaper reported that the security services were able to arrest the "counterfeit pharmacist" and seize the papers related to his case, and investigations showed that he was using bribery to finish his transactions.

She pointed out that he was referred to the Public Prosecution, which ordered his imprisonment, while investigations are still ongoing to find out who cooperated with him in clearing his transactions in government institutions and bodies even though they were fraudulent.

This incident brought back the issue of "famous" fraudulent certificates, which was announced by the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait last year.

In July 2018, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education announced that a large number of forged certificates issued by Egypt for various university levels had been discovered during the past months, and the arrest of an expatriate working for the Ministry from Egypt was complicit in the crime.

This case was considered the largest of its kind in Kuwait, and the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas reported at the time that "the certificates that were discovered exceeded 400 certificates" and warned of the presence of officials and senior officials in the state apparatus with false certificates, they have not yet been discovered.