Emirates announces innovative treatment to treat corona virus
Emirates announces innovative treatment to treat corona virus

Big countries, as well as small countries, are racing to find a cure to eradicate the Corona virus, which has claimed the lives of a large number of people around the world.

The UAE Ministry of Health announces the discovery of a treatment for "Corona" virus, a team of doctors specializing in the Abu Dhabi Health Center.

A UAE news agency stated that the Ministry of Economy granted a patent to the discovered method for treating cases with Coronavirus, which was developed by a team of doctors and researchers at the highest level in the Abu Dhabi Center.

The Ministry of Economy stated that it has granted a patent for the innovative way in which "stem cells" are collected.

And the treatment was tried on a group of the injured and their numbered 73 cases, praise be to God that the efforts of doctors and researchers have paid off, and the results of the examination appeared negative after the introduction of the treatment to the lungs through inhalation by a fine spray.

 It is automatic to have a therapeutic effect by updating the lung cells and developing their immune response to prevent them from overreacting to the "Covid 19" infection and causing damage to more healthy cells.

The drug underwent and successfully passed the first stage of clinical endeavors, which proves to be correct. None of the patients who received the drug reported any rapid side effects.

No interactions with classic medication protocols for "Covid 19" patients have been crossed out, and attempts are continuing to demonstrate the efficacy of the drug and is expected to be completed within a period of two weeks.

It should be noted that the drug has been administered to patients in line with classical medical intervention, and will continue to perform in conjunction with the established drug protocols and not in lieu of them.