Ease the ban in the Emirates
Ease the ban in the Emirates

There is no doubt that everyone everywhere in the Emirates is awaiting, at a stroke of embers, the date for the complete and final dismantling of the embargo in the Emirates. In a statement from the government today, the authorities have already eased restrictions on citizens starting today and gradually.

The date for lifting the ban will be lifted in the UAE, as the Dubai Government’s media office confirmed today that it included a decision to ease all restrictions on movement in the emirate of Dubai and also to resume public transport traffic, including the metro starting from Sunday, April 26, and also to return to work with a system Previous tariff while maintaining preventive measures and applying spacing.

Hence, via the official account on its Twitter site, the media office of the Government of the Emirate of Dubai confirmed today, that in the transportation sector, it is necessary to maintain the conditions for spacing between citizens at a rate of two meters for each individual, and also to impose restrictions on the number of passengers in the taxi for a maximum of two passengers, with commitment Conditions of sterilization required in these cases.

In turn, the statement pointed out via Twitter to the need to continue the imposition of wearing masks on passengers during their transportation in various means of transportation, as well as the continued imposition of wearing masks on workers at stations, and posters will be added on the subway floor and in stations that allow passengers to estimate the required safe distance, within Preventive measures imposed on everyone.

Through these events, the media office of the Dubai government has made it clear that this decision included guaranteeing permits to work at the headquarters of the company or institution for no more than thirty percent of the total workers in case of necessity, and continuing the work remotely for the remaining seventy percent, taking into account the measurement of employee grades at Attendance and leave daily, as well as visitors and reluctance.

For its part, the government in the Emirate of Dubai confirmed that through the next stage, it is necessary to adhere to social separation and take all precautionary measures by wearing masks permanently so that the violators are not subject to a financial fine of one thousand dirhams.

Ease the ban in the Emirates

Also, through it, the Dubai government has specified sectors that are authorized to operate, including supply chains for services and commodities, manufacturers and suppliers of materials and medical equipment, industrial sectors, electricity and water, gas stations, refrigeration, telecommunications, food and cafes.

With the exception of buffets, the provision of hookahs, ports, airports, freight, airlines, customs services, border outlets, public and private security services, municipal services and public cleaning services, as well as private and administrative headquarters for companies and institutions as well as public transportation including taxis, buses and metro as well.

Finally, the government confirmed today that the date for lifting the embargo in the UAE completely requires some time in order not to cause an increase in the affected numbers, but it will be gradual, taking into account compliance with the imposed instructions.