Saudi cabinet decisions today
Saudi cabinet decisions today

In today's meeting, several decisions were adopted by the Saudi Cabinet, which pleased the issuance of 15 million expatriates and expatriates inside the Kingdom, and relieved them of the pressures that the majority suffered from in the recent period, and through this platform we will know together these decisions in detail .. Here are the details of the news.

In this continuous coverage of the Al-Mukhtasar newspaper website, for every new thing on the scene, the Saudi Cabinet issued today a number of important decisions, which we will summarize to you the most prominent of them in detail, and the most important thing that will be implemented during the coming period.

First, the Council agreed today to include the assets, sectors and services to be allocated in the Saudi financial market, by offering a public offering, whether directly or indirectly.

All this is in addition to a number of decisions that came in favor of expatriates in Saudi Arabia, including, exempting employment from fees for extending residency, postponing the collection of some of the required fees from residents, pumping billions of riyals in favor of expatriates and citizens in the public and private sectors.

On the part of the cut aid to thousands of expatriate families and citizens as well, exchange will take place naturally, in addition to not deporting violators and not imposing fines on them during that period, and treating all arrivals infected with Corona virus in government hospitals for free.

The Cabinet stressed on easing citizens and expatriates with regard to fines and violations, as well as renewing traffic licenses by renewing them electronically, residing on the Absher platform, and requesting to extend and postpone exit and return visas, travel and everything related to residents is going electronically to save time and effort.

Also in this meeting, the Cabinet approved the easing of expatriates by granting them travel permits for many groups, and allowing them to leave between neighborhoods within specific controls, as well as allowing them to move between governorates for those who have to.