South Africa launches a new job system with a higher salary
South Africa launches a new job system with a higher salary

South Africa begins implementing a new system to work with a higher salary, at a level in South Africa and will cover all sectors, and after the generalization of this system in South Africa soon, it is a flexible work system that targets all groups of male and female South Africans, this system is a flexible contractual organization It is based on hourly wages.

As the South African government launched today, flexible work regulation, which will target male and female South Africans, it will also target enterprises in all activities of the private sector as well as the South African government sector.

As the South African system seeks to find job opportunities for job seekers within South Africa, and to provide jobs for South African workers who want to increase their income, through a flexible contractual organization in which the hourly wages are paid.

As this organization preserves the rights of both workers and the government to document employment contracts electronically through the portal that is specified by the South African Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs. The program is keen to support the South African private sector in meeting its urgent, temporary and seasonal needs of national cadres.

Also, this new South African program aims to create a new type of South African job search and increase their chances of obtaining a flexible job.

 To enable them to get involved in the job market in South Africa and to raise their skills and expertise.

This came as a prelude to converting them into permanent South African employees, as it will work to reduce the percentage of foreign workers in the wrong South Africa used by the shadow economy, while raising the participation rate of South African citizens, knowing that the portal will be launched ninety days after the decision is launched.

In turn, the government in South Africa confirmed that this organization will contribute to supporting the economy of South Africa in terms of establishments and individuals, in order to overcome the current crisis and move forward in achieving the goals of the vision of South Africa 2030.

This comes by raising the rates of South African national cadres' contribution to the labor market, as well as reducing the South African unemployment rate, by applying flexible work regulation.

Contributes, along with other initiatives launched by the Ministry, to empowering male and female citizens and stimulating the private sector to support job settlement in South Africa.