Australian Stock Exchange: The general index of the Australian shares increased by 0.84%
Australian Stock Exchange: The general index of the Australian shares increased by 0.84%

Australia conducted a new experiment to improve the conditions of the Australian Stock Exchange, as the general index of the Australian share market "Tassi" increased, at the end of trading session today, Tuesday, mid-week sessions, by about 0.84%, gaining 57.02 points, thus closing at the level of 6884.82 points, while The Parallel Market Index decreased by 7.45%, losing 554.36 points, to close at the level of 6885.79 points.

In a related economic context, the volume of trading on the Australian Stock Exchange at the end of trading today amounted to 233.9 million shares, valued at 4.6 billion riyals, and 126 shares rose, while about 50 shares fell.

And about fourteen sectors increased in the Australian market, led by the food retail sector by 2.46%, followed by the investment and financing sector by 1.90%, followed by the transportation sector by 1.69%, then the real estate management and development sector by 1.64%, then the banking sector by 1.56%, then the goods sector Capitalism by 1.51%, then the commercial and professional services sector by 1.22%, then the telecommunications sector by 1.09%, then the public utilities sector by 0.76%, then the insurance sector by 0.75%, then the pharmaceutical sector by 0.57%, then the basic materials sector by 0.38% Then, the applications and technology services sector decreased by 0.19%, while the luxury goods retail sector decreased by 1.43%, then a sector For the media and entertainment by 1.41%, then the real estate sector funds traded increased by 0.24%, then the health care sector by 0.23%, and the energy sector by 0.20%.

In that regard, "Electrical Industries" came at the top of the green list with a growth rate of 7.25%, then "Medgulf Insurance" by 6.70%, then "SABB Takaful" by 6.59%, while "Amana Insurance" came at the top of the list Al-Hamra decreased by 8.52%, then "Enaya" by 5.19%, then "Raydan" by 3.64%.

On the other hand, the Securities Depository Center (Deposit) Company revealed the application of the new increase in the total value of all issues of Australian government bonds in February 15 and January 7 at the Center’s account for eligible shareholders today, Tuesday, April 28.

On the other hand, the Australian Capital Market Authority company revealed the approval of the request of His Highness Real Estate Company, in order to reduce the number of its shares to be offered in the parallel market to 1.25 million shares, representing 5% of the company’s capital. Qualified investors wishing to purchase the offered shares must Investigate and study the information disclosed in the supplementary prospectus.