Traffic violations in the Emirates
Traffic violations in the Emirates

The UAE issued a new law and a new decision to preserve the lives and lives of citizens regarding traffic violations, which is the traffic, traffic and traffic lights law.

In a related context, it has shown and some drivers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi have shown that they have been exposed to traffic violations at some traffic lights, due to a detour to the left of the second lane, indicating that they used to use that lane, especially with the congestion witnessed in the first lane designated for rotation.

In this regard, Abu Dhabi Police have stressed the importance of the drivers ’commitment to the lane, which is necessary for them, attention to the specific traffic light that determines the direction of driving to the left, as well as the ground signs that indicate whether it is permitted for the driver to turn left from the second lane.

In this regard, Article (86) of the amended executive regulations related to the Traffic and Traffic Law stipulates that a violation of the «non-compliance of the light vehicle with a mandatory route, and a fine of 400 dirhams.

In detail, some drivers revealed in their dialogue with the Al-Moqtaz newspaper that they were subjected to a violation of non-compliance with the mandatory itinerary, at a value of 400 dirhams, because of the use of the second lane in the direction to the left when signals and intersections, asking the concerned authorities to review these violations, especially that They were not notified of the necessity to adhere to the first lane.

And the owner of the Amr Abdullah vehicle said this: “He was subjected to three consecutive violations at the traffic light linking the Corniche and the airport streets.”

Amr Abdullah revealed that the violation is not to adhere to the mandatory itinerary, as he was heading to the left from the second lane, not the first.

An important and urgent decision regarding traffic violations in the Emirates

He indicated that the first lane always witnesses congestion from the vehicles that want to spin, and that obliging drivers who want to go left or spin, to use one lane, increases traffic congestion.

On the one hand, Sabri Mohammed indicated that he “was subjected to the same violation at one of the intersections in Abu Dhabi city, and did not notice that he should adhere to the first lane when heading to the left”, calling for launching awareness campaigns for the public about the traffic control mechanism, to avoid falling into such Irregularities.

Mohamed Ayoub said, "The first lane often witnesses high traffic density, especially at traffic intersections near commercial centers, including the traffic light at the intersection of Airport Street, where it witnesses crowding from those who want to turn to reach the mall."

Abu Hazaa pointed out that «it is important to take into account in the application of the traffic control mechanism to violate non-compliance with the mandatory route, that there are trucks and buses, that are unable to use the first lane when heading to the left because of the large size, which drives its drivers to use the second lane, so it is important Review the control procedures in such circumstances ».

Others pointed to the importance of drawing illustrative lines to the left-to-left on the roads, with a sufficient distance before the traffic lights, allowing drivers to know if they could use the second lane to turn left or not.

Abu Dhabi Police showed that the compulsory course for vehicles is the mandatory for drivers on the road lane without changing the direction of the vehicle to the right, or the left side in the distance before intersections, the vehicle’s commitment to walk in the road lane, and not to walk in the middle area that separates the lanes with dashed lines , And the mandatory walking on the left lane from the road leading to the left turn and the complete left turn, and not to change the direction of the vehicle traveling to the right or forward.

She stressed the need for drivers to adhere to the mandatory route, especially at traffic intersections, through what are indicated by traffic lights and guiding shares on the road, as drivers have identified mandatory traffic lines at intersections, calling on drivers to adhere to the Traffic and Traffic Law.

And she explained that the violations that are monitored, through the surveillance cameras at the intersections, include cutting the red light signal, photographing the vehicles crossing the intersection at increased speeds, whether it is crossing during the time of the green signal or other, and not adhering to the mandatory traffic line, and the parking of the pedestrian crossing lines at Intersections.

Accidents of lack of attention can happen in the UAE

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police has stated that there are serious traffic accidents, due to the lack of attention by drivers of the red traffic light to the left, when opening the traffic light for those going forward, calling on drivers to pay attention to the color of the traffic light at intersections in the direction of traffic, and adhere to the lane of inflection Left or turn.