Emirates visa 2020
Emirates visa 2020

Emirates visa: sets a new condition for issuing the visa to enter the UAE or renew the visa, and all residents in the country must abide by it and Dubai Health has stated that the mandatory law “insurance” for all visitors in its last stages, after which all matters related to this will be legalized in order to issue And renewing the Emirates visa.

A new law for the conditions for issuing an Emirates visa and renewing a visa

The United Arab Emirates has unveiled a new law related to health insurance and health insurance and its requirement for the issuance and renewal of the UAE visa for residents and visitors, and in this context the Dubai Health Authority announced that the law is mandatory for health insurance for expatriates and visitors in the process of preparation and that it is in the last preparation stages.

Dubai Health Authority clarified that coordination and cooperation with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai in this matter, declaring that visitors will not be able to issue the UAE visa or renew UAE visas without a document proving to obtain insurance coverage, according to what the Emirates published today.

The development of the health insurance law and its implementation soon to issue the UAE visa and renew the visa

In this context, the Dubai Health Insurance Corporation, which is affiliated with the Dubai Health Authority, announced in a statement that health insurance for expatriates and visitors has become mandatory according to the third stage of the Health Insurance Law No. 11 of 2013.

The date for applying the new conditions for issuing the Emirates visa and renewing the visa

The UAE is developing this law recently and it is scheduled to be activated and implemented soon and it will be fully implemented soon.

The Health Authority confirmed in the case of permanent coordination with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, as it unified an electronic system for all residents of the Emirate of Dubai, and it is not possible to issue or renew visas without a document proving the resident's insurance coverage for health services, similar to the requirements of the identity card And medical examinations, before issuing UAE visas.

The health insurance system within the framework of the health insurance in the Emirates is an active experience

The Health Insurance Authority announced that the health insurance system is a realistic experience and a manifestation of the luxury and its content that characterize the country in general, as well as Dubai in particular.

The health insurance system is considered a wide umbrella in which more than 5.1 million insurance policies are now kept, after the number did not exceed 600 thousand policies during 2013, before the issuance and application of the mandatory health insurance law, according to the Emirates Today newspaper.