Saudi airlines
Saudi airlines

The return of the Saudi aviation work, the return of the work of Saudi Airlines at last, the travel agencies ... officially preparing to reopen international aviation, especially as that sector has passed and witnessed extremely difficult days and unprecedented economic losses due to the impact of the global pandemic of the emerging Corona virus.

At the present time, these agencies are working after the total ban on Saudi Arabia has been lifted in re-establishing international flight programs via Saudi Airlines again and allowing foreign travel with the application of spacing protocols during the travel journey.

In a dialogue, some economists and travel experts revealed that the travel sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will witness unprecedented economic activity, as well as a specific boom and activity on private aviation through Saudi Airlines in light of the protocols prepared by airlines in the world and airports.

In the past period, the Monetary Agency worked at the beginning of the Covid-19 or the Corona virus pandemic in activating monetary policy tools and enhancing financial stability, including enabling the financial sector to support the growth of the Saudi sector, and within the framework of supporting the state’s efforts to combat the Corona virus and mitigate its economic impacts Finance for the private sector, especially the aviation sector and the small and medium enterprises sector.

And within the next two months, we will see a very big trend by citizens and residents wishing to travel outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that seems positive, after being banned for the past three months.

In the most recent development, the Saudi Ministry of Tourism revealed that the total number of travel and tourism agencies in the Kingdom amounted to about 1710.

Some experts revealed that the aviation sector in the world as a whole needs scientific plans and new strategies to positively receive the year 2021.

Stressing at the same time that aviation in all countries of the world has a major role in the renaissance of state tourism, in particular the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether in domestic or foreign tourism or religious tourism, which is one of the most important factors to stimulate the Saudi economy.

In this regard, the adviser and specialist in the tourism sector, Saleh Al-Muslim, said: “The Corona pandemic” affected the global economy, especially on tourism represented in hotels, airlines and entertainment places, and of course it costs countries huge sums to return these sectors to what they were in the past. The Muslim pointed out that the tourism system needs 5 years for the sector to regain its economic recovery, and the losses during the mentioned period are well managed.

The economic analyst revealed d. Salem Baajajah, in an interview with him, said that the return of international aviation activity through Saudi Airlines or Saudi Airlines will return at the beginning of September, after the full picture in terms of the Corona virus has become clear and its numbers have decreased in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.