Manufacture of the first electric car in the Emirates
Manufacture of the first electric car in the Emirates

The UAE is making the first electric car a new achievement and a new economic image that the Emirati government is seriously considering at the present time, especially as it wants to revitalize the UAE economy.

Sand Storm Company has recently manufactured the first four-wheel drive vehicle under the slogan of Made in the Emirates that bore the name Al-Reem, indicating that the vehicle that the company worked on will be launched during the coming period or the end of this year.

A new path is taking place in the Emirates for the advancement of the local industry, especially after the spread of the Corona virus in China after all local industries stood in China, as many countries at the present time have effectively started relying on local industries as an alternative to import.

In a related context, a source revealed that the new car manufactured by the Emirati company was using all means of modern technologies, which are in line with the roads in the UAE.

Modern pieces were also used in that vehicle, through preliminary reliance on European partnerships and some companies that are located in East Asian countries, as well as some pieces from the local market in the Emirates.

The source also added that with the start of manufacturing, the company aims to manufacture about 30% of the car from raw materials and raw materials that are currently present in the local UAE market.

The source also added that it takes about four years to manufacture the new car, and it will be made from materials found in the UAE.

On the one hand, it pointed out that this industry does not exist in the UAE at the present time, and therefore the expertise of European and foreign countries with long experience in manufacturing cars was used.

For its part, the source emphasized that the company is currently aiming to build a solid industrial base for the auto industry in the UAE, especially electric cars, in order for the UAE to be a pioneer in the automotive industry within the Arab region.

On the other hand, the source indicated that the car will be running with electricity in the current year 2020, coinciding with Dubai hosting the Expo 2020, as it will be dedicated to the Dubai government on that occasion when the manufacture of that car is complete.

On the one hand, the source stated that the main factory for the new electric car will be located in the Rahayil area in Abu Dhabi, which is the first automobile city in the Middle East on an area of ​​fifteen thousand square meters.

The source indicated that, by doing so, a temporary assembly line was established in the factory and was completed in July 2018, with the first production directed to the market to start in September 2020.

The source stressed that about a thousand cars will be produced in the first year of the opening of the factory, provided that the production capacity of it increase to 6000 cars throughout the year, after that according to the requests received by the company, pointing to the availability of complete spare parts for the new car easily in the state markets UAE at the moment.

The source indicated that the car will be manufactured in three categories, including the first and second class and "Standard".

The source also stressed that that factory would be the first Arab-Arab factory in the Arab region and the Middle East region to manufacture different types of SUVs, thus the UAE would be the first country in the region to manufacture the first Arab four-wheel drive.