Saudi Ministry of Labor
Saudi Ministry of Labor

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announced the further resettlement of my profession in the coming weeks.

Informed sources, quoting the Ministry of "Labor" in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, revealed that they are heading to resettle two additional professions during the next few months ... The ministry also indicated that 80% of job seekers are "women".

In this context, Fahd Al-Baddah, assistant undersecretary for job development, announced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the direction of the Ministry of Labor during the next three months, to settle two professions in the market.

The Emiratization step comes according to a time series and mechanisms that take into account the number of job seekers in these specialties.

In this context, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor announced to Al-Baddah that 80% of job seekers are women, according to the most recent data on the percentages of job seekers in the private sector.

Al-Baddah pointed out that the Ministry is currently working with its partners in the private sector in order to identify the challenges facing these targeted professions, and work to solve them, to ensure the increase in Emiratisation rates.

In urgent statements to him, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor explained that the ministry seeks to increase the percentage of Emiratization every year in many professions, in order to settle specific occupations, according to what was published in the electronic newspaper Al-Anha.