Saudi Labor Minister Ahmed Suleiman Al-Rajhi
Saudi Labor Minister Ahmed Suleiman Al-Rajhi

The Saudi Ministry of Labor, "TAQAT", revealed the existence of new jobs for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia, expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia, and foreign workers with salaries of up to 14,000 riyals per month.

In a related context, the Saudi national labor portal "Taqat" issued its statement this morning, providing jobs in several specialties in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with salaries starting from 4 thousand riyals and up to 14 thousand riyals in some specialties.

On the other hand, it is currently considered the portal of energies, which is the most general and comprehensive gate for all expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia.

It is currently considered one of the initiatives of the Human Resources Development Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

TAQAT Work portal provides employment services for all foreign workers, expats and expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing jobs from companies and institutions.

From her job also, she collects job seekers with business owners, and trains all expatriate workers who will work in those jobs through a skilled program in order to raise the efficiency of the Saudi labor market.

New jobs in Saudi Arabia with a salary of 14 thousand riyals - get to know her

In a related context, the new jobs announced by the Saudi Ministry of Labor were as follows:

Training Specialist.
Human Resource Specialist .
finance audit.
Public Relations Specialist.
Translator and IT systems analyst.
Customer service representative and medical sales representative.

A list of jobs for TAQAT portal by the Saudi National Labor Portal

Likewise, the new jobs announced by the TAQAT portal also included the following:

Customer Service Representative and Procurement Specialist.
Events organizer and director of the child care center.
Procurement Officer and Manual Filling Agent.
Teacher memorizing the Holy Quran.
Mechanical and electrical engineer.
Civil engineer.
Technical systems analyst and vendors.
Also, the prospectus that the Saudi National Labor Portal published TAQAT published states the need for a job as an office supervisor, photographer, and health and safety inspector.