Saudi Ministry of Health
Saudi Ministry of Health

The Saudi Ministry of Health held a conference at the Food and Drug Authority this morning to hold the thirteenth meeting on discussing the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia for the relevant committee in order to follow the latest developments in the Saudi lands.

In a related context, the Committee reassured everyone that the citizen who had been declared infected with the new Corrna virus was in good health and in stable condition, and provided him with the best level of care.

The Saudi Ministry of Health also pointed to the activation of a rapid intervention and rapid response team of specialists to conduct an epidemiological investigation and investigation of his condition, and 70 contacts with him were counted.

A rapid intervention team by the Saudi Ministry of Health, where the committee revealed that this procedure is not only specific to this case, but rather a preventive measure followed by all viruses that are epidemic outbreaks, revealing the continuation of isolation and quarantine until the end of all health procedures and analyzes, and complete assurance of his condition.

She indicated and the Saudi Ministry of Health indicated that it will continue to be transparent with society and everyone, and in the event of any positive cases or samples that will be announced immediately.

The FDA committee also stressed the importance of awareness and non-drifting behind the rumors, stressing that it monitors the daily developments of the new Corona virus and coordinates with the World Health Organization and relevant authorities around the world, the region and specialized centers in the Kingdom.