Expatriate labor in Kuwait
Expatriate labor in Kuwait

Today, Saturday morning, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced a new project regarding electronic renewal of expatriate residency in Kuwait represented in the information technology sector in Kuwait.

In a related context, the new project will serve about three million expatriate workers in Kuwait instead of overcrowding. Currently, foreign labor residency in Kuwait can be renewed electronically.

Online renewal of expatriate residency in Kuwait

In this regard, this comes with Article 18 on workers in the private sector for all foreign and expatriate workers in Kuwait.

For its part, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced that starting from next October, any expatriate in Kuwait can renew his residence electronically.

On the other side, the new step taken by the Kuwaiti government aims to reduce crowding in the corridors of service ministries in the State of Kuwait, and eliminate the documentary session in Kuwait.

Renewal of residence permits for expatriate workers in Kuwait

Al-Qabas electronic newspaper, for its part, has shed light on this new law, which is expected to start implementation and work in next October 2020.

Al-Qabas electronic newspaper added that the new law will serve more than three million domestic and foreign workers and expatriates in Kuwait, especially those working in the private sector in Kutya lands, through the renewal of residencies electronically.

On the other hand, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior also announced during the last period that there is a discussion project in order to grant driving licenses to all expatriates in Kuwait that are being discussed by the Kuwaiti National Assembly.

Indeed, the new law has been discussed and it is expected that approval will be taken by the relevant authorities in the near future, for the sake of publicity in the Kuwaiti official newspapers.